Pear Studios

experience the creative process as endlessly dynamic and rejuvenating


Working one-on-one, I help you develop the connection between your senses and your writing, allowing you to fully inhabit your writing landscape.  You will receive the support to get started, the skills to recognize the essential craft elements that already lie in your writing, and the confidence in your creative abilities to select these elements and shape them into vital stories.  Different tools that we could work with include:

-writing exercises


-physical exercises (including SCSuspensions)

-benchmarks to help meet your writing goals

Memoir and Fiction: Sense Writing

Much has been written recently about the connections between the senses, emotions and thoughts.  Using a variety of accessible tools, such as visualizations and writing exercises, you will explore the link between the senses and imagination as a way of accessing and refining the craft of storytelling.  Elements of both fiction and memoir will be covered.  Participants will complete two or three short pieces or begin a book.

Whole Body Writing

Through a variety of methods that involve the body and senses, you will be guided into a deeper experience of the world of your writing.  Cultivate a more enjoyable writing practice that embraces discovery and well-being, and lets you fully connect to the unique landscape of your writing. Participants will write several new short pieces or continue previously unfinished work.

All genres. New and accomplished writers welcome.

Course A (Schedule)

Focus on the basic elements of craft and clarify your voice as a writer.  By the end of course A, write two or three short pieces or begin a book.

Course B (Schedule)

Develop a deeper awareness of the relationship between sense and imagination, explore both the internal and external terrains of your writing, and discover the precision of language to express these.

Workshops A, B, and C for Writers and Performers


Through the ebb and flow of writing, visualizations, and physical exercises, you will tap into the deeper connections between the body, senses, emotions, and thoughts. Through these workshops, organized around the principles of relaxation, suspension, and waking, you will increase focus and learn to bypass judgement and other impediments to your creativity.

Workshops B and C offer more challenging physical and writing exercises.

Spiral Core Suspensions (SCSuspensions)

Like yoga, SCSuspensions is a series of simple exercises that allow you to inhabit and expand your natural abilities to move, think, and feel. The main tool of the technique is an elastic suspended from the wall or ceiling, which partially supports your body.  This gentle traction allows you to strengthen the deepest layer of muscle, let go of unconscious holding patterns, and correct structural misalignments-- all with a sense of ease.

In addition to providing the traditional physical benefits of other dynamic methods like pilates and gyrotonics, SCSuspensions is influenced by the principals of Feldenkrais Somatic Education, which have been shown to enhance the plasticity of the neuro-muscular system. This increased coordination between the brain and body can lead to quick changes, such as marked improvements in alignment and flexibility in just a few sessions. Like yoga, SCS can be done in class or adapted for personal practice, and can be modified for different levels. 

Working with the principals of the Fleming Technique, yoga, butoh, along with Feldenkrais, I started to develop SCSuspensions over ten years ago as a theater director to help actors be more present on stage. Years later, while living in Tel Aviv (and completing a 400-hour Feldenkrais ATM training) I further developed the method and helped many of my students-- dancers, writers, artists, and performers-- in both excellent and compromised physical conditions, discover new abilities in their bodies and creative work.